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There are numerous ways to own physical gold.  It comes in many forms including legal tender, low premium or rare coins, bullion, bars and ingots.  How one chooses between these can be based on many factors which may include: collectibility, investment strategy, level of privacy, liquidity, personal interest, portability, etc.

Legal Tender
Foreign legal tender gold coins include Coronas, Francs, Pesos, Sovereigns, etc.  These coins offer a national and international trading network, which provide easy, timely cash convertibility whenever desired.

Low Premium
Low premium gold coins include certified and/or non-certified United States minted legal tender, including common date $2.50, $5.00, $10.00 and $20.00 gold coins.  These gold coins, formerly used as money throughout the U.S., offer additional privacy as well as heightened domestic demand.

Gold coin rarities include certified and/or non-certified rare coins from around the world that are chosen based on one's investment and collecting needs and personal tastes. One's reasons can include pride of ownership as well as the purpose of long term appreciation. These coins offer beautiful, unique value with historical significance and rarity.  One can acquire gold coins dating back to King Croesus, Lydia, 560 B.C., to the modern gold coins being collected today in China.  Americans have collected U.S. gold coins dated from 1795 to modern gold coins being struck today by the U.S. Mint for collectors and investors.

Since 1975 the most popular physical gold for ownership by Americans is in bullion coins.  Bullion coins are minted by sovereign nations from around the world, thus giving them a governmental guarantee of authenticity. This governmental guarantee provides ease of liquidity.

Bars and Ingots
Gold bars and ingots are struck by private refiners and assayers around the world.  They are authenticated by these recognized refiners and assayers.  Though bars and ingots often offer the same liquidity as gold bullion coins, they occasionally do not guarantee same ease of resale.


All of our certified coins are backed by the NGC Coin Grading Guarantee or the PCGS Guarantee of Grade and Authenticity.

Numismatic Guaranty Corporation (NGC) - Coin Grading Guarantee
"All coins submitted to NGC shall be examined in accordance with NGC grading procedures. In the event that any owner or subsequent purchaser of an NGC coin believes that a coin has been over-graded by NGC with respect to such procedures, such person may submit the coin to NGC through its "Appearance Review" service for a review of the assigned grade. If the grade determined under such review in NGC's sole opinion is ultimately lower than that originally assigned to the coin, NGC shall, at NGC's option, either exchange the coin in question with an equivalent coin at the earlier higher grade or pay the difference between the current fair market value of the coin at the newly established grade and the current fair market value of the grade originally assigned to such coin."
The complete NGC Coin Grading Guarantee>

Professional Coin Grading Service (PCGS) - Guarantee of Grade & Authenticity

"The Guarantee of Grade & Authenticity is fundamental to PCGS's concept of third-party grading. The cash-back policy ensures the accuracy of the grade assigned to any PCGS coin as long as it remains in its tamper-evident holder. If a coin is believed to be improperly graded, and a discrepancy is found when resubmitted through PCGS's Downgrade Resubmission service, the guarantee entitles the coin's owner to options designed for his protection."

The complete PCGS Guarantee of Grade & Authenticity>


For more than half a century, H.S. Perlin Co., Inc. has provided tangible gold holdings for our clients.  We are a firm focused on gaining your trust and satisfaction by personalizing investment plans to best meet your current and future financial circumstances.  Our principal mission is to create wealth protection strategies through the placement of a small percentage of your wealth in gold. 

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