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"I've been buying U.S. gold coins of low premium and rare values as well as European legal tender gold since 1993 on a monthly program from H. S. Perlin Company. This program has been highly successful as a savings and investment plan. Mr. Perlin is highly knowledgeable and very informed about the national and international factors influencing the precious metals market."

Mr. R.B., La Jolla, CA.


"It is important to work with a gold dealer who will execute both buy and sell orders as the need arises. Mr. Perlin has provided this service on a continuous basis for my account since 1995. I value his expertise and professionalism whether I'm buying or selling."

Mrs. A.W., Rancho Santa Fe, CA.

"Thanks again for your attention to my special request for low premium gold coins for immediate liquidity in times of financial crisis. Having these gold coins provides my family with safety and peace of mind in these uncertain times."

Mr. M. J., El Cajon, CA.

"Our association with the H. S Perlin Co. dates from 1972. We hold gold as a solid diversification in our financial portfolio. Mr. Perlin has given us timely recommendations allowing us to increase our gold position while benefiting from the tax law with our real estate."

Dr. & Mrs. H.W., San Diego, CA.

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