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The Perlin Company was founded in 1961  by Herbert S. Perlin and his son, Joel D. Perlin in Pomona, CA.  In 1969 Herbert moved the business south to  La Jolla, CA and again shortly after to its current location. 

Mr. Perlin ran his business on a cornerstone of customer service and early on began recommending specific gold coin purchases for the purpose of increasing value over time.  He consistently recommended U.S. twenty dollar gold coins minted between 1850 and 1928 to his customers for the purpose of not only collecting, but for use in investing. Within the decade, hundreds of clients had realized Mr. Perlin's vision of acquiring U.S. gold coins as investments for future appreciation.  With this beginning, tangible asset investment became the central focus of H.S. Perlin Co., Inc.

Current owner and President of H.S. Perlin Co., Inc., Joel D. Perlin is widely respected as an expert in the gold and rare coin trading markets.  He has continued his father's legacy by providing his clients with informed and timely financial advice, thereby growing the business into one of the most trusted and well respected in the industry.

    Herbert S. Perlin and his wife in H.S.
        Perlin Co., Inc.'s 1986 brochure.


For more than half a century, H.S. Perlin Co., Inc. has provided tangible gold holdings for our clients.  We are a firm focused on gaining your trust and satisfaction by personalizing investment plans to best meet your current and future financial circumstances.  Our principal mission is to create wealth protection strategies through the placement of a small percentage of your wealth in gold. 

1110 Silverado, La Jolla, CA 92037
Phone: 858.459.7803 / Fax: 858.459.7804