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Dear Investor,

The US National Debt is Approaching $18.5 Trillion and is Steadily Growing.  Is the US Dollar in Jeopardy in the 21st Century?

Daily headlines tell the story of the global financial meltdown currently under way.  These financial challenges are affecting financial and consumer markets around the world and at home in our country.  Never has there been a more prudent time to put something away to provide permanent assurance for you and your family.  Gold offers solid security in unsettled times like no other asset can.

H. S. Perlin Co., Inc. has provided wealth protection and diversification through physical gold ownership for more than half a century. Gold possession uniquely creates personal security and preservation of wealth.  Our creed is 'Gold Endures' when nations and most investments do not.

Our government's financial fixes may translate into long term inflation or deflation. The result may create a further ex post facto devaluation or actual financial devaluation of our U.S. dollar.  As a result, gold should continue to appreciate and grow for the decade to come.

At H. S. Perlin Co., Inc. we specialize in creating gold holding programs that are personalized for each of our client's unique circumstances. These holdings may include various assortments of gold coins which benefit you through ease of estate planning, liquidity, portability, and financial privacy. When using our services, you can be confident that we provide ongoing attention to your needs.

Feel free to call or email to schedule an appointment. We are available to answer any further inquiries you may have.  Please allow a week to ten days for scheduling.

The very best,

Joel D. Perlin
H.S. Perlin Co., Inc.


For more than half a century, H.S. Perlin Co., Inc. has provided tangible gold holdings for our clients.  We are a firm focused on gaining your trust and satisfaction by personalizing investment plans to best meet your current and future financial circumstances.  Our principal mission is to create wealth protection strategies through the placement of a small percentage of your wealth in gold. 

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